PPI After A Trust Deed

Now that your Trust Deed is complete, it is possible that you may still have claims for mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance against those banks or lenders who provided either loans or credit cards.
This applies either where the balances were dealt with in the Trust Deed or ended before the Trust Deed was signed.

Your trustee may have claimed back PPI while your case was live as this would increase the dividend payable to the creditors.  If this wasn’t the case with your trust deed then any monies retrieved would be due to you.

Banks/Lenders may try and settle claims by offering less than you may be due, or they may reject your right to any repayment, referring to the Trust Deed as the reason for rejection.

Whether or not the loan and credit card balances were written off as part of the Trust Deed should not affect your right to a repayment. We recommend that claims should be made as soon as possible to avoid any final date for claims which may be set.

Bonnar Financial specialise in successfully retrieving any monies owed to our client’s.

Were you:

Unaware that PPI had been added to the loan?

Not Asked about existing medical conditions?

Forced to take out the insurance in order to obtain the loan or financing arrangements?

Out of work or self-employed at the time when the policy was sold to you? Not asked at the time of sale whether you already had  PPI in place?

Not given notification of exclusions in the insurance?

Not given notification that you can get PPI from other sources?

Receiving a considerable amount of pressure to buy the PPI?

Not given advice that it is possible to make the payments on a monthly basis for the Insurance rather than it being added to the loan as a lump sum? Not given a refund of the insurance premium after paying a lump sum up front for it and paying the loan off early?

 Not informed about the terms and conditions of the Payment Protection Insurance?

If any of these apply then enter your details into the Get In Touch window.

We charge a fee of 25% plus VAT on any monies retrieved.