Credit File Correction

Bonnar Financial Services are a company who specialise in the reviewing and the correction of our client’s credit file after they have concluded their trust deed.  As most of our client’s are unaware that their credit files need reviewing or updated, it is important for us to inform them of the errors that may appear on their file.   It is not the responsibility of the lender, the credit agency nor the trustee, it is in fact up to the individuals themselves.

We at Bonnar Financial look at your credit file carefully, identifying the error(s) that may be on there and with our expertise work towards successfully correcting what is wrong.

It is important to manage this in order for you to move forward from the financial difficulties that you may have encountered over the past few years.  Having a credit file free of problematic errors will allow you to rebuild your credit status moving towards a more financially stable life.

Once we have reviewed your credit file, we will send you out the letters for you to sign and forward on that are required to update and correct your file.  All we ask for is 8 first class stamp as a contribution towards our postal costs.

Retrieving your credit file from Equifax can be done so by filling out the form which may already have been sent out to you via our newsletter, if not then you can obtain another copy by clicking on the link below

If you have any questions then don’t hesitate to get in touch and one of our advisers will be able to assist you.