Debt Solutions

If you are in financial difficulties as many are in this current climate then there is no need to ignore your problems buy burying your head in the sand.  There are ways out if you feel that your debts have risen to the point that you can no longer manage them properly.  Often people are making minimum payments to their debts without actually making a dent in the balances, loan repayments can be difficult to repay also.  Once it starts to spiral out of control, interest and charges can make up a considerable amount of the debt.  Bonnar Financial have a network of money advisers and insolvency practitioners that can help assist you in understanding what the options are in order for you to relieve yourself from the financial situation that you may have found yourself in.  If that is the case, then please contact us, we will put you in the touch with the right people and all matters will be dealt with complete confidentiality under Data Protection.


Protected Trust Deed


Debt Arrangement Scheme (DAS)