Protection Insurance is a valuable tool designed to help cover you and your family for the unforeseeable circumstances that may arise in any of our lives such as illness, accident, unemployment and in all of our cases death. All we can do is plan ahead as best as we can.  At Bonnar Financial we can help assist you in being prepared for whatever life may throw at you.

Protection Insurance Services

Critical Illness

Income Protection

Life Insurance

Mortgage Payment Protection

Why Do You Need Protection Insurance

If you were to fall ill, have an accident or became unemployed then having the right Protection cover can help you pay the necessary expenses that we all have such as rent/mortgage, gas and electricity, food etc.  If you were to die then the having the right policy can help financially secure your family’s future whether that be on clearing off the mortgage, leaving a lump some of cash or both of these.  It is important to be aware of how to prepare for the future.